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Our family has adopted large breed companion dogs for thirteen years. The health of our dogs is a high priority for us. We were recommended to Dr. Kostecki, “Dr. K”, in 2005 by a co-worker. From our first visit to date, we regard Dr. K for his knowledge of homeopathy, his compassion for animals, and for giving us the best quality veterinary care. For six years we have entrusted Dr. K with healing our pets. He has successfully treated our pets from dog bite wounds, a torn ACL, chronic front paw limp, stomach troubles, small tumors, dandruff, arthritis, nerve loss, and provided old age-related comfort to three dogs. He has groomed our pet’s hair and nails; given them chiropractic adjustments; and recommended age and breed specific diet, nutrition and supplement plans.

Kenai has been Dr. K’s biggest success story. We adopted him at age 6 after living a deprived life in a small outdoor enclosure (see image 1). He appeared to have mange, but his blood work came back normal. His eyes bulged out of his head, he had sparse and brittle hair, he was very thin, his right ear folded down, and he paced and cried. We began homeopathic care immediately. Within a week, his hair began to grow in and after three months, he grew a coat. Kenai became more and more calm, his eyes receded to normal, he put on weight, and his right ear stood up (see image 2). Dr. K continues to provide maintenance homeopathy for Kenai and he continues to thrive.
~ Jason Catalano & Nicole Zaborsky, South Lake Tahoe, CA

Dr. Kostecki has been my vet for many years, starting with a German Shepherd dog that had a serious liver issue and then a Westie that had another challenging problem.  His remedies and treatment enabled both dogs to live far longer than they would have otherwise.  Allopathic treatment did not have an answer for the liver issue, and one of the local vets was so impressed with his success that she trained in homeopathy as well.

My current German Shepherd dog, SunDance, had a set-back a few months ago – stopped eating, temp high and blood platelets seriously low.  As I was out of town, my friend taking care of SunDance took him to my local vet, who I like very much for routine/emergency services.  SunDance was put on a heavy anti-biotic that stabilized him.  Two days later, we met with Dr. Kostecki who checked him over, interviewed me about him for an hour, then ran the information into the computer and determined the proper remedy for his issues.  SunDance went off the anti-biotics immediately, and a week later his platelets were normal.  He’s been fine ever since.  I’ve amended his raw diet a bit to include a few more supplements at Dr. Kostecki’s suggestion and he’s doing great.
~Trinkie Watson

In May of this year my 2 year old Black Lab, Roman became extremely ill. Overnight he went from playing with his sister, Ruth to nearly dying. I rushed him to the local vet, who put him on an IV and told me they had no idea what was going on and to prepare myself for the worst. I was not willing to accept that there was nothing that could be done, so I asked my friend the name and number of the homeopathic vet she has been using for years.

I called Dr Hank and had an hour long phone consultation with him, describing every possible detail to him. Dr Hank then gave me a remedy to give to my boy, and then the waiting and watching began… It has now been 3 months and Roman has made a complete recovery! Per Dr Hank’s recommendation, we have begun making all of the food that the dogs both eat. It is a little more time consuming, however I do not have to wonder what they are eating. I know that any supplements going into their food are ones that I put there and that they are eating the healthiest that they possibly can, this is something else I would never have known had I not been told by Dr Hank.

Every vet that I have ever seen is available during office hours, however, Dr Hank makes himself available for emergency situations. For this, I am so very grateful. I truly believe that without Dr Hank my sweet boy Roman would not be here now with our family. Thank you just does not seem enough, we are forever grateful to you, Hank!

~ Erin Lara

I am so grateful to have found Homeopathy and Dr. Hank Kostecki, DVM.

I heard about Dr. Kostecki about 8 years ago when I had a very sick cat and traditional veterinary care wasn’t helping.  I have used Dr. Kostecki almost exclusively and mostly over the phone, ever since.  I am thankful at the gentle effectiveness of Homeopathy on my animals without traumatic trips to the vet’s office or the harshness of antibiotics, steroids and other conventional medications.

Dr. Kostecki has made himself available to me by phone 7 days per week.  He loves and believes in what he does and is a gifted and knowledgeable Homeopath who is always continuing his studies and education in the field.  I recommend him to anyone and everyone who loves and cares about their animal companions.

~ Jill I. Smith, Sausalito, CA


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