Rates & Payments

Below are my veterinary service fees for small animals:

  • Homeopathic consultation (initial): thorough, detailed evaluation of symptoms; remedy research; prescription. $200
  • Homeopathic consultation (initial): for shorter, acute-urgent care; prescription. $200 per hour
  • 15 minute follow-up progress evaluation: further research & new prescriptions (expected for effective treatment). $25 each 15 minute follow up.
Homeopathic Consultations (Per Visit fees)

Homeopathic Consultations

Homeopathic Consultations (Hourly fees)
  • Acute-Urgent Homeopathic (Initial) Consultation $225/hour
Chiropractic adjustment: $45
  • Therapeutic Laser treatments:
    • to aid in healing musculo-skeletal problems, such as pain & mobility limitations, soft tissue injuries (sprains, bruises, lameness), etc.
    • to stimulate and regulate the immune system, contributing to healing of many conditions, e.g., skin allergies (itching, etc.), endocrine disorders (thyroid, diabetes, Cushings), chronic infections, some cancers, etc.
    • Complete, recommended course of thirteen treatments: $325
    • Per therapeutic laser treatment: $30

Laser Treatments

  • On-site treatment for horses or small animals:  Add $30 per visit to any of the above for time/driving charge

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