The Power of Homeopathy to Stimulate the Vital Force

One evening, a Yorkie puppy fell off a bed onto a brass lamp base, resulting in a concussion and loss of consciousness.  He was taken to an emergency clinic where he developed the complication of pulmonary edema. The emergency clinic closed at 8 a.m. and discharged the puppy, having been unable to reduce the fluid accumulation in his lungs.  When the elderly clients transferred the dog to our clinic, it was evident that he was experiencing extreme breathing difficulty and was unable to eat or drink or even move.  After evaluation, I gave him a single dose of Apis 200c on his tongue.  Within about 10 minutes, it was evident the puppy was more relaxed.  Within 20 minutes, the puppy was able to walk around the oxygen cage in which he had arrived.  Within 30 minutes, the staff felt so relieved they couldn’t resist carrying him around.  I kept him for evaluation throughout the day and noted that he continually improved.  By evening, I was able to discharge him to the tearfully thankful owners, with no further medication required.