The Wonders of the Correct Homeopathic Prescription

A woman called from from Grass Valley, CA wondering if anything could be done for a blind, eight-month old kitten she had adopted from a local shelter. This kitten had been found with a badly injured front leg; the shelter vet had performed an amputation and, post-operatively, had administered the antibiotic Baytril intravenously for several days. Some of the side effects listed in the package insert for this drug include blindness and kidney toxicity. Not knowing if the retinal damage was irreversible, and wanting to see if homeopathy could possibly help this sad case, I interviewed the owner and found these guiding symptoms: the kitten followed the sun around the house all day and seemed chilly; he had difficulty passing well-formed stool; he became irritable when touched even lightly or lifted, and he seemed reclusive, wanting to have no interaction with the owner or with the other pets at home; he showed hypersensitivity to noise, startling easily.

The prescription was Nux vomica 30c, one dose (not daily, just one dose, period). She called the next day saying the kitten had a horrible smelling, mucous-laden, mushy stool, yet seemed comfortable and sleepy and was eating well. My advice was “wait.”  The next day, I received an e-mail from her saying, “GOOD NEWS, GOOD NEWS, GOOD NEWS!”  Her kitty had changed from being a sitting lump to walking along the perimeter of rooms against the walls and had started to move his head around a little as though he were “seeing.”   A few days later, he was navigating around all the chair legs under the kitchen table and a few days after that, he was hopping up onto those chairs! He went on to make a complete recovery as far as we could tell and no further prescriptions were given.