Distant Treatments

Homeopathic medicines have a history of healing difficult ailments without the insidious side effects of commonly used drugs such as steroids. Often I can ask specific questions about your pet’s symptoms and prescribe a remedy by phone consultation or by Skype.

At Home Services

I can provide home and ranch services including general exams, homeopathy, euthanasia, chiropractic, vaccinations, and most non-surgical procedures.

Homeopathic Veterinary clinics and offices in Tahoe, Reno and St. LouisVet Clinic

Some of the clinic services I offer are vaccinations, euthanasias, and minor surgeries. I specialize in homeopathic and other holistic treatment such as chiropractic, dietary consultation, and laser treatment. My clinic is equipped with state of the art, low-level, frequency-specific laser equipment that successfully treats numerous conditions.