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Homeopathic medicines have a history of healing difficult ailments without the insidious side effects of commonly used drugs such as steroids. Often I can ask specific questions about your pet’s symptoms and prescribe a remedy by phone consultation or by Skype.

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I can provide home and ranch services including general exams.

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I specialize in homeopathic and other holistic treatment such as chiropractic and dietary consultation.

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Evidence for Homeopathy

The evidence for homeopathy comes from two main sources – the studies and trials undertaken, and the experience of the many people who use it. My impression is that many people don’t realize that these studies and trials exist as they often don’t appear in the mainstream media. The individualized approach of homeopathy does not always lend itself well to clinical trial structures, and the resources needed for large-scale trials are mostly beyond the research and financial resources of those outside of the pharmaceutical industry. However, there are studies and trials that you can refer to. Some focus on patient …

How to Help Ease Chronic Pet Health Problems and Reduce Toxic Loads

Many chronic health problems in today’s dogs and cats are due in part to the toxic load they carry around with them. A ‘toxic load’ is the quantity of chemicals and other biologically foreign substances that accumulate in the body of an animal over weeks, months and years. In many cases, the heavier the load, the sicker the animal. Your pet’s liver and kidneys are assigned the task of clearing toxins from the body, just as yours are. When you consider the small size of your dog’s or cat’s organs compared to yours, it’s easy to see that it wouldn’t take …